Health & environment safety


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Health & environment safety

Florrea Safety and Environmental Stewardship Policy

The safety and health of all employees, customers and the public as well as the protection of our environment is of prime importance to us.

We are committed to achieving environmental, health and safety (EHS) excellence.

This is a responsibility of management and employees in all functions.

We will strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment and to avoid adverse impact and injury to the environment and communities in which we do business.

Our objective is to develop the maximum possible safety and hazard awareness among all employees, thereby preventing accidents. To this end, the following commitments are set out for all of us:
To minimize the negative environmental impacts
To responsibly manage the business to ensure that recognized health, safety and environmental standards and all legal requirements are met.

To ensure that health, safety and environmental hazards associated with company activities are identified, assessed and properly managed.

To ensure that all employees adhere to health, safety and environmental standards 
and procedures as we laid down in this policy.

To assess health, safety and environmental concerns before entering into new activities.

To work with industrial associations, governments and public groups to promote workable codes of practice.

To communicate with employees, customers, the public and governments, in a timely fashion, on the health, safety and environmental aspects of the company’s operations and products.

To require each employee to work and act safely at all times, and to accept his or her personal responsibility for their health, safety and environmental performance.

Manufacture our products in a way that meets or exceeds all applicable regulatory requirements.

Ship our products in safe and environmentally sound packaging.
Guide our customers in the safe use and disposal of our products.

Create and maintain a safe working environment and prevent workplace injuries.

Reduce waste emissions and the use of toxic materials.
Respect the environmental rights and interests of our neighbors.