Total Quality Management(TQM)


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About us

Total Quality Management(TQM)

Managing the entire organization so that it excels in all dimensions of products and services that are important to the customer.

Quality Culture
We are striving to deliver world-class levels of quality and apply it to everything we do.

Today’s competitive environment leaves no room for error. We must delight our customers and relentlessly look for new ways to exceed their expectations.
To let quality become a part of our culture.

We are focusing on developing and delivering near-perfect(to get as close to “zero defects” as possible) products and services.
Across every levels, across all of our businesses, everyone, everywhere, everything to exceed customers expectation.
The quality of our supplier relationships often has a direct bearing on the quality of our customer relationships. Likewise, the quality of our suppliers’ products and services affects the quality of our own products and services.

Quality Policy

Quality Performance is a commitment to excellence by each employee. It is achieved by teamwork and a process of continuous improvement.
We are dedicated to being the leader in providing quality products and services which meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

Continuous improvement
Total quality management requires a never –ending process of continuous improvement that covers people, equipment, suppliers, materials, and procedures. The basis of the philosophy is that every aspect of our operation can be improved. The end goal is perfection, which is never achieved ,but shall be always sought by us.

Quality management System/ Quality Purpose
Assuring quality is a multi-functional effort covering many aspects of operations. It is a continuous process involving:
The identification and documentation of customer needs
The development , manufacture and delivery of products and services to meet those needs consistently
Feedback from the customer to assess the company’s performance
Action on the customer’s feedback to improve the company’s performance
Developed by company management, the quality management system ensures that customers receive quality , reliability and integrity in the products and services we provide to them, and that customers’ needs and requirements are met. The system calls for strict adherence to specifications, as well as regulatory and quality requirements.

Product quality is maintained through systems of standardization and process control. Service quality covers all aspects of customer transactions and is ensured by the function that is providing the service. Both product and service quality characteristics are agreed upon by our customer.

Elements of our Quality System

Management/Leadership responsibility
The management plays a leading role in creating and sustaining core values, strategies, performance expectations, and customer focus.. Leadership approves and leads the implementation of a management system business success. Leadership from all levels of the company plays an active role in verifying the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system, and ensuring that resulting actions lead to continuous improvement.

Customers focus
It is the customer who define quality.
We view our product and service quality as being defined by our customers. We works closely with our customers to understand their businesses and their expectations. This close working relationship helps us to better meet our customers’ expectations today and to anticipate and meet their future needs.

Employee Involvement/Teamwork
We understand that people, not money or things, are a company’s greatest asset.
Quality is the responsibility of every employee. All people play important roles in quality. Every employee must be involved, motivated and knowledgeable .We are committed to providing opportunities and incentives for employees to focus their talents and energies on satisfying customers

Our Actual Practice
We are granted ISO9001 Certificate due to the fact that none
of our domestic and overseas customers has ever claimed for any inferior quality.
Our products are tested every time before delivery. This success is due to our extensive Quality Control Laboratory where raw materials, in-process intermediates and finished goods are extensively tested to guarantee our customers top quality.
We have qualified , time proved, ISO9001 certified valuble suppliers on raw materials , packaging and shipping agents etc

This is one of our important implementation practice for our ISO9001 quality control program and Total Quality Management program.A strict quality management system has been carried out in our factory:6.1/ Being a part of quality guarantee, we have a good team of trained, dedicated and responsible employee, 
6.2/ Inspection, measuring, and test equipment
6.2.1/ A perfect set of inspection equipment, including normal chemical analysis equipment and spectrograph as well as chromalographic analysis.
6.2.2/ Equipments used to demonstrate conformance shall be controlled, calibrated, and maintained6.2.2.1/identify measurements to be made identify affected instruments instruments(procedures and status indicators) periodically check calibration measurement validity if found out of calibration environmental conditions in metrology lab
6.2.3/measurement uncertainty and equipment capability shall be known
6.2.4/ where test hardware or software is used, it shall be checked before use and rechecked during use.
6.3/ customer supplied material 
Any customer supplied material shall be protected against loss or damage.
6.4 Inspection and testing
6.4.1/All incoming materials shall be inspected or verified before use. Those failed to reach standard will be returned to suppliers.6.4.2/In-process inspection and testing shall be performed. For each step of production, it will occurred quality control inspection. The inferior semi-products will not be brought to next production step.
6.4.3/Every batch of finished products shall be inspected and tested before it goes to the storage tank or warehouse .
6.4.4/ Records of inspection and tests, and also finished products samples ,shall be kept.6.5 Product identification and traceability
the product shall be identified and traceable by item, batch, or lot during all stages of production, delivery, and installation.
6.6 handling, storage, packaging, and delivery 
6.6.1/Before final product is put into packages, Quality Control Department shall test 
and inspect ,to prevent any of quality problem from occurring.
6.6.2/ Good procedure for handling ,storage, packaging, and delivery is developed and maintained.
6.6.3/Handling controls shall prevent damage and deterioration. 
6.6.4/secure storage shall be provided. Product in stock shall be checked for deterioration.
6.6.5/ packaging is inspected before it is used .Packing, preservation , and marking processes shall be controlled.
6.6.6/quality of the product after final inspection shall be maintained.
6.6.7/ Weight inspection is done before loading into container
6.7 Training 
We are a Learning organization. 
Training shall be provided regarding on:
Knowledge of corporate culture, product and safety operation, (production)process procedure, 
6.8 Process control
6.8.1 Production processes is defined and planned
6.8.2 production is carried out under controlled conditions: documented instructions, in-process controls, approval of processes and equipment, and criteria for workmanship
6.9control of nonconforming product
6.9.1nonconforming product shall be controlled to prevent inadvertent use .or installation.
6.9.2Review and disposition of nonconforming product shall be accomplished in a formal manner
6.10Corrective action
6.10.2problems causes shall be identified
6.10.3specific problems and their causes shall be corrected
6.10.3effectiveness of corrective actions shall be assessed.
6.11 design control
6.11.1 the design project shall be planned
6.11.2 design input parameters shall be defined.
6.11.3 design output ,including crucial product characteristics, shall be documented
6.11.4 design output shall be verified to meet input requirements.
6.11.5 design changes shall be controlled