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About us

About us
Florrea is a high tech company focusing on 
Flotation Reagents Technology in terms of R & D, production and application. 
It is aimed for both Sulfide and Non-sulfide ores to Maximize the comprehensive and efficient extraction of natural mineral resources, city mineral resources and tailings.
Florrea also provide Technical Service and solution for mineral flotation
Bestrec Unique Innovative Sustainable SOLUTION for mineral flotation is achieved through global,regional and local technical service, together with experienced expertise and world most advanced collectors,frothers, depressants, activators, flocculants , dispersants etc and Tailor made & formulated patented flotation reagents suits for mineral processing commissioning and trouble shooting of concentrator 
Bestrec is committed to Improve Process Efficiencies and aid the Economical Extraction of Valuable Resources in mineral processing.
To provide Greesol ® solution for the sustainable development of mine and smelters in terms of the treatment of waste water, gas and residues 
● waster water treatment solution for mine, city and metallurgy 
● Magnetic separation of metal ions from leach solution or waste water by magnetic seeding. 
● Dust Pollution control solution in Mine crushing and screening ,and in city and construction.
● Arsenic sulfuration using sustained release capsules in acid solution 
 Na2S was usually used to remove As3+ from acid solution by precipitation of As2S3. However, it’s inevitable to produce abundant of H2S, resulting in a serious safety problem. A new reagent have been designed to replace Na2S, which will release S2- slowly like a capsule.
● Comprehensive utilization of hazardous arsenic waste using alkaline leaching