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Florrea Max Lead-Zinc Solution for the flotation of lead-zinc minerals


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Mineral tech

Florrea Max Lead-Zinc Solution for the flotation of lead-zinc minerals




Lead-Zinc ores can be clarified as sulfide ores and oxide ores.

The reserve and distribution of Lead sulfide minerals  is extremely larger than those of oxidized lead and zinc ores





The most common lead minerals is Galena.

The zinc exist in the zinc sulfide minerals is sphalerite or marmatite.

In the nature it is rarely find a single lead mineral or zinc mineral.

Lead and zinc minerals usually exist together and often stay together with other metal minerals to form a poly-metal ores.


The classification can be below as per its valuable components

Lead-Zinc Pyrite Ores

Silver-Lead-Zinc Ores

Lead-Zinc-Fluorite Ores or Lead-Zinc-Barite ores

Cassiterite-Lead-Zinc Ores



The critical issues for the Lead and zinc sulfide ores flotation are

 The flotation recovery and separation of lead sulfide minerals and zinc sulfide minerals


 The flotation and separation of Iron sulfide minerals and other sulfide minerals

 It is relatively easier to separate sulfide minerals with gangue

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